Agatronics Consulting is primarily engaged in the development of hardware and software for stand-alone products and smaller control units.


By entering the EnOcean Alliance, we have achieved a great knowledge of EnOcean Wireless Technology and can therefore assist companies with implementing this low power wireless standard into their prodcts.





















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Agatronics Consulting


EnOcean Wireless Technology »


• Battery less communication.

• Fast development with modules.

• Interoperable with existing products.

• Easy profile handling.

• Very suitable for Building Automation.

• EnOcean Alliance.


Software environment »


• IAR Embedded Workbench.

• IAR visualSTATE

• MP-LAB Microchip

• EasyCode

• iGrafx Flowcharter


Hardware environment »


• Orcad Designer & Layout.

• MSP430Fxx Texas Instrument.

• PIC16Fxx Microchip


Testing »


As a rule of thumb, we suggests to allocate about 30% - 40% of the development time for testing.


Project process »


We suggests that the first step before the development begin, a detailed project process and specification is prepared, so that all phases and tasks are clearly defined.


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